A better way
to do yogurt.

As parents ourselves, we know taste rules.
That’s why we offer delicious, kid-approved foods in flavors they will love so much they’ll want seconds.

  • Includes the BrainPack®

  • Pediatrician Approved

  • 40% Less Sugar^

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-Free

  • Kosher

  • Probiotics

Delicious options to supercharge the brain.
Yogurt Tubes
Yogurt Tubes
On-the-go brain fuel.
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Yogurt Drinks
Yogurt Drinks
Power up the brain with a delicious yogurt drink.
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Yogurt Drink (Single Serve)
Yogurt Drink (Single Serve)
Brain food for bigger appetites.
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Yogurt Cups
Yogurt Cups
Supercharge any meal or snack.
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My son typically likes yogurt for breakfast, but these also make a good snack when we're at home. We talk a lot about foods that are good for our teeth, but it's fun to start teaching how these foods are also good for his brain.

— Katie (mom of two - AR)

In our house, we stress the importance of feeding your body good foods and with school back in session, we always welcome natural ways to help with focusing and learning throughout the day.

— Aquilla (mom of two - TX)

Why Brainiac® Kids?

Our kids’ brains are developing rapidly way past the first 1000 days, but most aren’t getting the brain fuel they need to reach their full potential*. Every serving of Brainiac® Kids yogurt contains the BrainPack® - a proprietary blend of brain nutrients including Omega-3s and choline to supercharge kids' developing brains.

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On average kids only get 20% of their daily Omega-3 needs*


With Brainiac® Kids products, kids get up to 80% of their daily Omega-3 needs

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